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A physician with over 15 years of experience in cardiology and vascular medicine, Dr. Dominic Pedulla applies his skills at the Oklahoma Vein & Endovascular Center, a practice he established in 1994. Widely regarded as Oklahoma City’s leading leg vein care facility, the Oklahoma Vein & Endovascular Center garners accolades for its innovative approach to managing endovascular disease and varicose veins. Utilizing the most advanced medical technology available, the Oklahoma Vein & Endovascular Center is committed to providing patients with standard-setting, minimally invasive treatment options.

Patients of the Oklahoma Vein & Endovascular Center are able to avoid long stays in a hospital, obtaining immediate relief and recovering quickly after a procedure. The Oklahoma Vein & Endovascular Center offers a wide range of services, including EVLT and VNUS procedures, sclerotherapy, ambulatory phlebectomy, ultrasound-assisted coronary stent implantation, endovascular leg stents, coronary plaque shaving, endovenous laser ablation, laser and light therapy, radiofrequency occlusion, and varicose vein surgery.

Of all the procedures undergone by patients of the Oklahoma Vein & Endovascular Center, sclerotherapy is one of the most common. A technique employed to combat varicose veins, sclerotherapy is capable of reducing the surface level appearance of such veins by 50–90 percent after only a few treatments. If ignored, varicose veins can cause a host of other health problems, such as blood clots (thrombosis), skin ulcers, unexpected bleeding, and phlebitis. Moreover, varicose veins tend to increase in number over time, creating additional abnormal veins that contribute to worsening symptoms. Sclerotherapy can be performed with or without the assistance of ultrasound technology. The Oklahoma Vein & Endovascular Center offers both methods, assessing an individual patient’s needs before selecting an appropriate course of action. To schedule an appointment at the Oklahoma Vein & Endovascular Center, visit www.noveinok.com.


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April 7, 2011 at 10:41 pm